Wiley X provides top-quality protective eyewear to athletes, outdoor enthusiasts and members of the U.S. armed forces. Designed for maximum safety while working within the shooting industry, the broad line of Wiley X glasses offer something for every purpose. Attractive and exceedingly durable, the eyewear offers style and sophistication without sacrificing what’s most important – your personal safety.

Wiley X glasses feature High Velocity Protection, meaning they stand strong and hold together regardless of circumstances. The glasses come in abundant styles, colors and designs to ensure you end up with glasses that are in line with both your personal style preferences and your specific safety considerations. The lenses come in a variety of shades, from basic black to emerald green and everything in between. We also have standard sunglass designs as well as wraparound models, so whatever type of sunglasses you’re seeking, you can find them here. 

Serving on active duty? Check out the ballistics glasses, which feature exceedingly durable and smash-proof polycarbonate lenses. We also carry models with lenses that adjust themselves based on how bright or dark it is outside, so shop the line of Wiley X glasses today and see more clearly in the sun while enhancing safety at the same time.