When you’re outside for extended periods of time, you need socks that keep your feet temperature-controlled, protected and comfortable. Wigwam is a Sheboygan, Wisconsin-based sock manufacturer that utilizes an array of sustainable business practices while offering high-quality, highly desirable knit socks. Not only are Wigwam socks created and sourced almost exclusively using wool produced by American purveyors, but they are also made under environmentally friendly conditions. Solar energy panels are used to heat water, lights are assigned to motion sensors to minimize unnecessary energy expenditures and recycling efforts are a common part of daily business.

Wigwam has been in the sock-making business for more than 100 years, and has proven its ability to provide a durable, quality product at a reasonable price point. Designed to minimize moisture, prevent blisters from forming and allow your feet to breathe, Wigwam socks are just what you need to serve your country in comfort and style. Secure yours today and feel confident in your decision to support both American businesses and those that emphasize sustainable business practices.