Violent Little Machine Shop

Well, this certainly ain’t your mama’s patch shop. With slogans like “I don’t believe in anything, I’m just here for the violence” and “Just the tip, I promise,” the creators of the Violent Little Machine Shop brand have well established themselves as purveyors of the most interesting morale patches out there. They tell their story like this: they wanted a place where they could put their strange sense of humor, and have it not feel like a job. So they created the Violent Little Machine Shop brand and gave themselves a venue for their random (and often razor-tongued) commentary. They started off making leather morale patches for some elite military forces (like Navy SEAL teams), and then rank-and-file from Army Special Forces, ODA, Navy SWCC, EOD and National Guard took notice. And the Violent Little Machine Shop guys realized quickly that their messages and offbeat sense of humor had social relevance. With a staff of vets at the helm, they strive to provide some innovative inspiration that hopefully balances out the heavy stuff we deal with everyday. And if their patches turn heads, and they get a laugh or two out of it? Even better.