Viking Tactics VTAC-MK1 Original Sling

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Product Description

Viking Tactics VTAC-MK1 Original Sling

Viking Tactics has an established reputation among military and law enforcement professionals, and much of that notoriety stems from their flagship weapon sling. Delivering straightforward, effective retention and positioning of an AR-15 platform rifle, the Viking Tactics VTAC-MK1 Original Sling continues to represent a true industry standard. The VTAC Sling is crafted from 1” nylon with plastic tri-glides and a metal slider for durable construction that will stand up to rigorous use. Simple to install and employ, this sling makes it possible to change shooting positions and transition between weapons on the fly. Adjust for your ideal retention configuration to ensure solid positioning even when your hands must come off of your firearm completely. Capable for use as an adjustable shooting sling, there are few weapon accessories more versatile than the original VTAC.

Benefits of the Viking Tactics VTAC-MK1 Original Sling:

  • Built from sturdy, resilient nylon material for abrasion-resistant toughness
  • Designed for use with AR-15 and similar platform rifles
  • Easily switch between strong- and weak-side shoulder carry or transition to handgun use
  • Adjustable sling provides reliable retention and weapon positioning for optimal performance
  • Sold in various colors to suit your recreational or professional application

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Viking Tactics VTAC-MK1 Original Sling:

A quality firearm can be limited by several factors, one of which is inferior accessories. For an invaluable edge in a conflict situation, equip yourself with the Viking Tactics Original Sling for superior performance every time.

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