US Patriot NSN Combat Uniform Elbow Pads (Black) 4255

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Product Description

US Patriot NSN Combat Uniform Elbow Pads

Are you a member of the military looking for elbow pads? You don’t have to look any further! These US Patriot NSN combat uniform elbow pads are exactly what you need. These pads can fit into Army or Marine Corps issued uniforms that have pockets at the elbows for pads. You just slip these NSN combat uniform elbow pads into the pockets, and then you will be given extra protection from rocks, gravel and concrete in the elbow region. The elbows of uniforms are likely to wear out quickly because of the stress they undergo. In order to give your uniforms some extra life, and to protect your elbows from cuts and scratches, the elbow pads are essential. This product by US Patriot is a must have for anyone in the military. It is made from strong, durable material.

Benefits of the US Patriot NSN Combat Elbow Pads:

  • National Stock Number (NSN) 8415-01-520-4255
  • One size fits all
  • Military-issue elbow pads for combat uniforms
  • Set of 2

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the NSN Combat Uniform Elbow Pads:

You know that your uniform is going to go through a lot. Give it and your elbows some extra protection with the NSN Combat Uniform Elbow Pads. Do not wait until your elbows are all scratched up to get these elbow pads. Get yours today and save your uniform and your elbows a lot of pain!

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