Under Armour FNP Boots (Black)

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Product Description

Under Armour FNP Boots (Black)

‘Feel No Pain’ – the folks at Under Armour put that in the title of these duty boots, just to make sure the point was understood. Having a rugged boot that is durable enough to last throughout any mission, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort. The Under Armour FNP Boots (Black) were built with you in mind, from the soles up.

Made out of heavy duty suede and 1000 denier textile upper for durability, the Under Armour FNP Boots are an 8” boot that will provide lightweight support for ankles and shins, with added inserts that fill the natural indentations around your ankle for increased support, especially if you are lying prone for long periods of time. The boots also feature medial drainage ports on each side to channel water out, and away from skin. A PLUSfoam closed cell polyurethane sock liner, which is lighter than other foam products in its class, provides ultimate comfort, no matter the length of mission. This insert also offers superior impact resistance, a nonmicrobial barrier and also maintains complete flexibility in extremely cold temperatures. The midsoles and outsoles are made of dual-density polyurethane for added comfort without the extra bulk and weight.

Benefits of the Under Armour FNP Boots (Black):

  • Made of heavy duty suede and 1000 denier textile upper
  • 8” height
  • Molded malleolus pads to support ankles and shins
  • PLUSfoam closed cell sockliners
  • Medial drainage ports
  • Dual-density polyurethane midsole and outsole

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