Tru-Spec Ranger Skull Klick Counter

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Product Description

Tru-Spec Ranger Skull Klick Counter

Traversing long distances is routine for field operators in the military, and manually measuring distance travelled can be both strategic and necessary when technological solutions are unavailable. Adding a dose of style, the Tru-Spec Ranger Skull Klick Counter features skeletal-themed counting beads to keep track of your paces.

Ideal for functional use in the field or as a gift for the military service member in your family, this klick counter by Tru Spec comprises a tough, durable nylon braided cord and four skull beads for pace measurement. It is designed to track up to 5,000 meters of distance travelled, or roughly three miles in standard distance. Manufactured with pride in the United States, you can trust in the quality of this Tru Spec accessory.

Benefits of the Tru-Spec Klick Counter:

  • Features a black nylon braid cord that provides tough, resilient performance
  • Includes (4) skull beads to be used for pace counting in the field
  • Built for recording distances travelled of up to 5 kilometers
  • Proudly made in the USA for quality you can depend on

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Ranger Skull Klick Counter:

For the traditionalist or for use when tech devices are not an option, the classic klick counter is a military institution that is practical for all types of outdoorsmen. The Ranger Skull Klick Counter is built for durability, style, and functionality to help you get your bearings in any environment.

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