Tru-Spec Military Digital Poncho

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Product Description

Tru-Spec Military Digital Poncho

The weather can be tough to predict, and it only gets trickier when you’re stationed in an unfamiliar locale and your full wardrobe is not at your disposal. For on-the-fly response to worsening conditions, always be sure to pack the Tru-Spec Military Digital Poncho. Bagged individually and compressing down to a compact backpack-friendly size, this poncho by Tru Spec is available in various digital camouflage patterns. Choose from a traditional woodland scheme or select the ACU version to complement your Army Combat Uniform. This poncho is designed to fit nearly any operative and includes a built-in hood featuring drawstring closure to lock out wind and rain.

Benefits of the Tru-Spec Poncho:

  • All-weather emergency ponchos are one-size-fits-most
  • Compresses down to small size for easy stowing in your gear pack
  • Features integrated drawstring hood to keep rain off of your head
  • Ideal for military use, camping, hiking, and other rugged outdoor activities
  • Available in multiple digital camo color configurations to suit your application

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Military Digital Poncho:

Whether you’re operating in the field or out for a weekend excursion in the rough, preparing for the elements is a no-brainer. When the forecast turns quickly and heavy outerwear is not an option, make sure you have the Tru Spec Poncho handy. Keep one in your backpack, car, truck, or emergency kit for preparedness in any situation.

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