Texas Flag Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey

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Product Description

Texas Flag Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey

This Texas Flag Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey is tailor-made for patriotic Texan guys and gals who never mind wearing their patriotism on their sleeve. So whether you serve on active duty in our US military or are simply a proud Texan, you can wear this Texas flag patch as a badge of honor. After all, the Lone Star State is an iconic American state!

This Texas flag patch can be sewn onto just about any surface and comes in desert coloring. Small enough to fit over an existing hook panel patch on your uniform, this patch will easily stand out with the lone star top left and the white and tan bars to the left of that.

Be a proud Texan by ordering this Texas flag hook panel patch today!

Benefits of Texas Flag Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey:

  • For proud Texans who want to wear an “in your face” sign of Texas pride on their uniform, ball cap or other part of your uniform or gear
  • Great for morale patch Fridays where pretty much anything goes
  • Find other Texans in the room instantly!
  • Small at only 3" x 2"
  • Hook panel attaches easily

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Texas Flag Patch - Mil-Spec Monkey:

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