Sleeping Bags, Blankets & Hammocks

These sleeping bags and blankets are designed to offer you a good night's sleep in any environment. When you’re out in the field, getting rest is both more difficult and more important than ever, which is why we offer a variety of products that can help you get the rest you need.

We have a range of tactical sleeping bags from top manufacturers. These bags are warm, padded, and lightweight, ensuring that you’ll be able to carry what you need and sleep comfortably. We also offer a range of other bedding options for any situation, from ultra-thin reflective survival blankets to specialized hammocks to full aluminum cots. Our tent options come in neutral colors that blend in easily with surroundings. These one-, two-, and even three-man tents can be used in many different situations to keep yourself safe, warm, dry, and hidden.

Whether you are a service member, law enforcement officer, or search and rescue worker, we can help you get the equipment you need to do that job right. These sleeping bags are also great for recreational use, such as hunting, fishing, camping, or backpacking. No matter what you need them for, check out the range of options below.