When you’re in desolate areas, having the right tools can greatly impact your ability to survive and thrive. Whether you’re looking for a great gift or want to purchase a tool that’ll be especially helpful in your military career, tactical multitools are well worth checking out. We carry familiar brands, so you can easily pick a product that’s most appropriate for your needs, and know it’ll perform well.

All tools are designed to be lightweight yet tough, and they fold up into small sizes, making them ideal for carrying on a belt loop or attaching to a uniform with a carabiner. They also serve many functions. Some have scissors, nail files, screwdrivers and pliers as just some of the available gadgets. We even carry some bladeless versions that comply with TSA air travel regulations.

Because we know it’s also crucial to keep your multitools sharp, we also carry field sharpeners. Some of them are compact enough to carry in a pocket, so they are purposefully built for occasions when you cannot feasibly carry bulky items. Be sure to look at our product inventory to find tools that will suit your needs or cater to those of a loved one who often relies on tactical gear.