Symbol Arts Armor Of God Dog Tag

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Product Description

Symbol Arts Armor Of God Dog Tag

Protecting and serving your country is a noble and selfless endeavor, but some answer to a higher power. Proudly display your faith and devotion with the Symbol Arts armor of God dog tag. The metal chain and emblem are an ode to the traditional military issue tags, but the engraving pays homage to God and His army. In Ephesians, Paul discusses the great struggle against the forces of spiritual wickedness and darkness.  It is up to God’s army to continuously resist evil and help others do the same. Paul goes on to describe each piece of armor and its symbolism. The tag lists each item and encourages prayer. Keep this Symbol Arts armor of God tag with you to always keep your faith close to your heart and at the forefront of your mind.

Benefits of the Symbol Arts Armor Of God Tag:

  • Double sided
  • Made of high quality materials
  • References Ephesians 6:11.18
  • Warrior design on the front
  • Engraved phrases on the back

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Armor Of God Dog Tag:

As one of the fastest growing private businesses in the United States, Symbol Arts is a leader in jewelry quality insignia and badges. In 1986, a Utah-native wanted to create an enterprise that could produce creative designs in a high quality finish. After a few years, the company expanded its inventory to include badges, patches, coins, chains and other corporate goods. Order your armor of God dog tag today!

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