Founded in 1835, Staedtler has manufactured writing utensils since before the American Civil War and is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany. Starting with more durable, effective, and cleaner colored pencils, Staedtler has pioneered quality and performance innovations since the very beginning. Today they manufacture a variety of pencils, pens, markers, modeling clays, and more; meeting a wide range of creative, technical, and everyday needs. Committed to protecting the environment through an “efficient for ecology” motto, Staedtler actively looks for ways to reduce waste of both materials and energy, increase recycling, and extend the longevity of its products. They believe continuously improving their manufacturing process, to make products more eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting, benefits both the environment and the customers. Staedtler is also dedicated to safety and voluntarily enforces strict guidelines on their development and production departments to ensure all materials are nonhazardous and products are safe to use. Through the Staedtler Foundation, Staedtler supports scientific research, innovation, and education, while fighting against discrimination and child labor worldwide.