Stabrite St. Phillip Medallion Pendant With Chain

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Product Description

Stabrite St. Phillip Medallion Pendant With Chain

During times of stress and struggle, many people turn toward their faith to get them through it. This is especially true for those serving in the Armed Forces and, as a result, many soldiers wear emblems of their religion, including the Stabrite St. Phillip medallion pendant with chain. Saint Philip of Agira was one of the first confessors in the Christian faith and today he serves as one of the patron saints of the Special Forces in the United States Army. The pendant depicts an image of St. Philip along with the symbol of the U.S. Army Special Forces in the upper left-hand corner. Surrounding this image is the phrase: “Saint Phillips Patron Of Special Forces Protect Us.” This pendant has a chain, so it can be worn around your neck, allowing it to be within easy access at all times. Ira Green, Inc. produces a line of Stabrite insignia emblems that are used by soldiers all over the world. Stabrite products have been noted for their excellence in manufacturing as well as the improved aesthetics of the emblems themselves. A Stabrite pendant will remain looking good for many years out in the field.

Benefits of the Stabrite St. Phillip Medallion Pendant:

  • Made by Stabrite
  • Depicts St. Philip with the symbol of the U.S. Army Special Forces
  • Comes with a chain

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the St. Phillip Medallion Pendant With Chain:

To always have a reminder that St. Philip is watching over you, order your St. Phillip medallion pendant today!

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