Stabrite St. Michael's Medallion Pendant With Chain

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Product Description

Stabrite St. Michael's Medallion Pendant With Chain

During war, many soldiers turn toward their religion to find comfort and peace, and many individuals choose to wear a symbol that represents their religious beliefs. St. Michael is the patron saint of paratroopers. As a result, many paratroopers in the Army wear the Stabrite St. Michael's medallion pendant with chain to symbolize their faith. The image on the pendant depicts the archangel Michael defeating a fallen angel. In the background, open parachutes can be seen. Together, these images represent the fact that St. Michael will be watching and protecting you as you go out onto the battlefield. The wording around the image reads: “Saint Michael Patron Of Paratroopers Protect Us.” Stabrite is a division of Ira Green, Inc. that specializes in designing first-class insignia for soldiers all over the world. The aspect of Stabrite badges that set them apart from the competition is that Stabrite applies a subdued finish on all insignia to produce a higher quality final product. The Stabrite St. Michael’s medallion pendant exemplifies this fine craftsmanship.

Benefits of the Stabrite St. Michael's Medallion Pendant:

  • Made by Stabrite
  • Depicts St. Michael defeating a fallen angel with open parachutes in the background
  • “Saint Michael Patron Of Paratroopers Protect Us”

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the St. Michael's Pendant With Chain:

Many soldiers find comfort in chaos by turning toward their faith, so order your medallion pendant to display your beliefs to those around you.

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