Stabrite Pin On Foreign Jump Wings

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Product Description

Stabrite Pin On Foreign Jump Wings

Earning the Stabrite pin on foreign jump wings is an indication that you have achieved proficiency in parachuting in a given country. Countries from all over the world have their version of Jump Wings, but if you discover that you have lost yours or it has become damaged, it can be a hassle to go back to your native land to get a replacement if you have moved somewhere else. Whether you earned your Jump Wings in Australia, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Russia, Thailand or practically anywhere else in the world, you can get a new badge to adorn your uniform. The imagery on this badge consists of an open parachute over a pair of wings, and no sewing is necessary since it will pin right on your clothing. Ira Green, Inc. manufactures a high-quality line of Stabrite insignia badges. These are some of the most aesthetically-pleasing badges around since they are designed with a subdued finish, making them stand out more than badges made elsewhere. Your foreign jump wings will serve as a lasting reminder of the dedication you have to the art of parachuting.

Benefits of the Stabrite Foreign Jump Wings:

  • Made by Stabrite
  • Depicts an open parachute over wings
  • Additional charges will be added to certain badges: Kuwait ($3.00),Thailand ($3.00) and Russian Silver ($7.00)

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Pin On Foreign Jump Wings:

If you are ready to show off your accomplishments in the field of parachuting, order your badge today!

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