Sta-Brite Army Unit Patch (ACU) 10th Mountain Division


Product Description

Sta-Brite ACU Unit Patch 10th Mountain Division

Based in Fort Drum, New York, the 10th Mountain Division was meant to be a mountain warfare unit. Since 1985, the group has seen numerous deployments and been a part of many key campaigns. Before you report for duty, get your 10th Mountain Division ACU Unit Patch to update your uniform.

The ACU design features a background of foliage green surrounded by a black border. Two bayonets diagonally cross in the center of the insignia.The saltire weapons indicate the numerical designation of the unit, while the traditional blue background is in accordance with infantry colors. Though the original badge uses red and white as well, the colors are muted in the ACU patch to meet uniform regulations.

Benefits of the Sta-Brite ACU Unit Patch 10th Mountain Division:

  • Sew-on style patch
  • Sewing available with an added fee
  • Meets military specifications
  • Made in the United States
  • Berry Amendment compliant
  • Matches Army Combat Uniform
  • Traditional 25th Infantry Division insignia

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Sta-Brite ACU Unit Patch 10th Mountain Division:

Sta-Brite began operations in 1943. Since its opening, the family owned company has provided all branches of the armed forces with regulation grade patches. Even as ownership passed from generation to generation, the business maintained a dedication to superior quality embroidery made with cutting edge technology. Order your 10th Mountain Division badge today!

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