Spec Ops Brand

With 15 years in the industry, the Spec Ops Brand has quickly risen to prominence as a premier manufacturer of military and tactical gear. The company has developed many diverse product lines, offering everything from high-quality duty uniform belts to gear packs and weapon slings. Spec Ops’ rapid-fire production process allows them to introduce new innovations in as little as five weeks, moving swiftly from planning stages to live field use in order to keep their customers on the cutting edge.

Taking this concept to the next level, Spec Ops Brand frequently receives requests from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service on behalf of field operators. With their powerfully efficient response capability, these equipment requests very quickly become new Spec Ops Brand prototypes and are sent to the AAFES for further input. It is through this working relationship that viable new products can quickly be created based on the real-world needs of those who serve in the field every day.

Spec Ops Brand products have a LIFETIME WARRANTY. They are manufactured to outlive you!  If something goes wrong with the product in your lifetime, we got your six. Give us a call (800.805.5294) and we will communicate with the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced. Of course, this guarantee doesn't include a few situations: blowing it up with C4, running it over with an M1 Abrams, dropping it out the backside of a AC130, normal wear and tear, and of course losing it. 

Built with pride and precision, Spec Ops tactical gear is 100% made in America. Their innovative lines of tools and apparel are created with efficiency and performance squarely in mind, and are designed to allow soldiers to operate at the highest level in any situation. From wallets to weapon accessories, there is little ground that Spec Ops does not cover in the world of essential tactical gear.