Spec Ops Brand Tactical Nylon Duty Better BDU Belt

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Product Description

Spec Ops Tactical Nylon Duty Better BDU Belt

You work hard in every situation and your gear does, too. When you need a workhorse of a belt that can handle your holsters, tools, or equipment, the Spec Ops Tactical Nylon Duty Better BDU Belt answers the call with rugged, quality design that you’ve come to expect from Spec Ops battle gear. The 1 ¾” wide heavy-duty nylon webbing slips easily through your BDU belt loops but still creates a rigid utility belt that offers the same support as a leather belt. The trademarked Battle Buckle won’t set off metal detectors, never slips and features grippy ridges and a flip tab, making it easy to adjust even if you’re all thumbs. It comes in three sizes and also allows for incremental adjustments to let you loosen it if you’ve put on a few pounds after being on leave, or tighten it when you’re training hard.

Benefits of the Spec Ops Tactical Duty Better BDU Belt:

  • 1 ¾” Wide
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing won’t slip or roll
  • Polymer Battle Buckles adjust easily and never slip
  • Super-sturdy stitching
  • Regular size fits waists 24-36 inches
  • Large size fits waists 36-46 inches
  • Extra Large size fits waists 46-54 inches
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Nylon Duty Better BDU Belt:

When you’re ready to upgrade your standard-issue tactical belt, order today to enjoy the comfort and strength of the Spec Ops better BDU belt.

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