Originally established as a distributor for college bookstores and military exchanges in 1946, Soffe has been a fixture in the business of apparel manufacturing since the 1970s. While they truly rose to prominence in the decades following, as the popularity of sports and active wear boomed, military sensibility has continued to influence many of the company’s present approaches to design. Soffe tactical apparel is produced today with a rich history of service-oriented mentality, outfitting the men and women who serve their country.

With offerings including high-quality basics, work out shorts, and other performance essentials, Soffe tactical apparel keeps you covered during any strenuous activity. Long- and short-sleeved tees are available in a range of colors, suitable for integration with duty uniforms or to be worn on their own. Materials used throughout the line include premium cotton-poly blends, Supplex nylon, and other high-quality fabrics. Advanced technologies offer various benefits including quick-dry properties and odor-fighting enhancements designed to keep you feeling comfortable while you’re working your hardest.

In the line of duty, field operators require the highest degree of performance from their gear in order to achieve success, and it all begins with the uniform. To stay cool and dry in the face of any challenge, be sure to outfit yourself with the best. Soffe tactical apparel delivers superior response and resilience, allowing you to remain fully focused on the task at hand.