Having the right bag can greatly improve quality of life for many people in the armed forces. SOC Sandpiper of California is proud to offer a huge selection of backpacks and bags for military and tactical use. These bags are perfect for any occasion in military life, including active duty. Tactical bags are a great place to store all of your daily necessities while working, or anything you may want to take with you when you leave home. SOC bags are great because they are comfortable to wear, most models are expandable and they are incredibly rugged. Never worry about tears or rips again with these bags. They will keep your necessities and valuable safe on any occasion.

Sandpiper of California offers multiple colors and patterns for each bag in order to fully comply with your needs and preferences, as well as military specifics. These bags aren’t just great for the military, either. These bags are perfect for any luggage or school needs. No matter why you need a bag or backpack, Sandpiper of California is there with the perfect one. These durable, convenient, attractive bags make life easier for our soldiers because they allow for storage and comfort. Purchasing one of these bags for yourself, your enlisted man or woman or someone else can make all the difference in the world. Help ensure the safety of our armed forces with the help of SOC bags and backpacks.

SOC Sandpiper products have lifetime warranties and are manufactured to outlive you!  If something goes wrong with the product in your lifetime, we got your six. Give us a call (800.805.5294) and we will communicate with the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced. Of course, this guarantee doesn't include a few situations: blowing it up with C4, running it over with an M1 Abrams, dropping it out the backside of a AC130, normal wear and tear, and of course losing it.