Extreme environmental conditions can be dangerous, so it is of vital importance to take measures to protect yourself. Snugpak products are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and to keep you safe and comfortable. Established in West Yorkshire, England in 1970’s, this family-owned company has provided quality, award-winning products to outdoorspeople and military affiliates all over the world, including to the United States, Australia, and Europe.

Snugpak’s excellent reputation as a purveyor of dependable gear to soldiers and adventurers alike is based on their longstanding place in the industry, their extensive pool of clientele, their numerous awards, as well as their rigorous testing processes. Their sleeping bags have been inspected by universities and specialized testing institutions in several European countries - as mandated by the European Outdoor Group.

Whether you’re looking for tents, bags, rucks, clothing or sleeping bags, Snugpak makes it easy to determine what kind of product you need with an intuitive temperature rating, measurement, and weights systems. The ratings are based on over three decades of testing and customer feedback. The temperature ratings specifically are based on input from fit testers who experienced a minimum of discomfort in extreme conditions, so you will want to take that into consideration when making your Snugpak selection.

If you’re searching for protective clothing, shelter, or bags that have had their mettle tested time and again by people who push their limits and brave the elements, then Snugpak products may be just what you’re looking for. With an established reputation, varied selection, and durable materials you can trust, an investment in Snugpak is sure to be a wise decision.