Army Badges

Showcasing your rank, skills, and proficiencies on your army uniform is important. You can complete your uniform with our many Army Badges that apply to your situation. A badge is a very crucial component to your uniform because it shows your level of expertise. As you advance through the military you gain a new rank that is symbolized by a specific badge. Many of these badges come in the form of patches that can be sewn or hooked on to a piece of your uniform. There are badges that also display your unit, skills, qualifications, or the American flag. 

Nothing shows professionalism and patriotism more than serving in the military for your country. When doing so, you have to show respect and honor by wearing the correct uniform. All Army Badges are designed to be in compliance with military uniform regulations so that you'll be prepared for inspections. You don't want to be the odd man out who doesn't have his full uniform ready. When you see our wide selection of Army Badges you'll find one that works perfectly for you. Your army combat uniform will look better than ever when you have the correct badge on it. Make sure you're prepared and order the Army Badges that you need.