Sayre Reflective PT Belt with ID Holder

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Product Description

Sayre Reflective PT Belt with ID Holder

Maintaining a high level of visibility is important for many individuals, from joggers to roadside workers. For ideal use in professional settings, the Sayre Reflective PT Belt with ID Holder combines long-distance visibility with a convenient ID card holder for easy recognition on the job site. Sayre is known for their robust line of safety-enhancing products, particularly those featuring reflective properties for improved visibility. This belt is available in various bold colors, each featuring a thick stripe of authentic 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material that wraps around the entire belt so you’ll be spotted up to a quarter-mile away. You can easily adjust the waist size up to 44 inches and each belt comes equipped with a clip-on identification card holder for added value.

Benefits of the Sayre Reflective PT Belt:

  • Quick and simple adjustment from 22” to 44” waist sizes (stretches to 80” at max)
  • Breathable elastic material is suited to physical activity
  • Genuine 3M brand reflective striping with full 360 coverage
  • Includes a clip-style ID card holder for value and convenience

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Reflective PT Belt with ID Holder:

In many situations, it’s important that you remain easy to see in order to avoid potential injury. The Sayre Reflective PT Belt is an effective one-size-fits-most accessory that ensures you’ll stand out even when lighting conditions are less than ideal.

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