Sayre Extended Reflective PT Belt

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Product Description

Sayre Extended Reflective PT Belt

When you work or engage in outdoor activities after dark, a major aspect of staying safe is remaining visible. When you need extra slack, the Sayre Extended Reflective PT Belt is ready for action. Available in four different high-vis colors and featuring the power of genuine 3M Scotchlite Reflective Tape, this belt will ensure that you’re easy to spot in just about any environment.

The integral 3M reflective material delivers 500 candlepower of gleaming brightness when struck by another light source, affording you visibility up to a quarter-mile away. Sayre built this belt from breathable elastic, ideal for vigorous physical activity. It features a buckle with quick-release capability and adjusts up to a generous 48 inches with a maximum stretch of 108”, making it ideal for fitting around a user wearing a backpack or heavy outerwear.

Benefits of the Sayre PT Belt:

  • Belt easily adjusts from 28” to 48” with a maximum potential of nine feet
  • Elastic material is breathable for comfort during physical exertion
  • 3M Scotchlite enhancement provides high visibility up to 1/4 mile away

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Sayre Extended Reflective Belt:

Whether you’re on the job site or out for a late-night jog, maintaining a high-visibility profile can make a significant difference in your personal safety. Make sure you’re outfitted with a quality reflective belt before you head outdoors.

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