Sayre BDU Hat Shaper

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Product Description

Sayre BDU Hat Shaper

A truly professional-looking uniform requires attention to every detail from head to toe. The Sayre BDU Hat Shaper starts at the top to give your cap the kind of crisp, consistent look that will serve you well in any setting. Featuring an olive drab-style green color to suit your battle dress uniform, the Sayre Hat Shaper is a very basic accessory that provides a very notable benefit to your military outfit. The lightweight mesh ring fits inside of your cap to maintain its shape, allowing breathable comfort for long-term wear. As a bonus, an integrated vinyl sleeve is perfectly sized to hold your military identification card, adding to the utility of this creative product.

Benefits of the Sayre Hat Shaper:

  • Olive green color makes a perfect match for your battle dress uniform
  • Designed for summer season uniform hats with no ear flaps
  • Keeps your BDU cap looking consistently sharp at all times
  • Features an integral vinyl photo and card holder that is sized for ideal placement of military ID

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the BDU Hat Shaper:

Sayre creates a wide range of accessories designed to provide ideal functionality for military personnel. The BDU Hat Shaper is one more item in a long list of practical innovations designed to aid soldiers in their pursuit of excellence, providing the ability to maintain a smart, professional appearance every day.

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