Safariland Model 6005 SLS Beretta 92 Tactical Holster With Quick Release Leg Harness

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Product Description

Safariland Model 6005 SLS Beretta 92 Tactical Holster With Quick Release Leg Harness

A quality holster can provide you with a distinct advantage in a tactical engagement, enabling rapid access to your firearm. For superior response and reliable weapon security, equip yourself with the Safariland model 6005 SLS beretta 92 tactical holster with quick release leg harness. The self-locking system (SLS) is a snap-free retention design which allows you to execute an efficient single-motion draw, while also providing enhanced protection against accidental drops or unauthorized weapon removal by aggressors. This Safariland holster features a rugged finish to defend against firearm dings and scratches, and the molded sight track is designed to ensure that your aiming system is well protected at all times.

Benefits of the Safariland Model 6005 SLS Beretta 92 Tactical Holster:

  • Holster designed for smooth, efficient firearm access to give you an advantage in battle
  • SLS rotating hood retaining system provides tough security against weapon take-aways
  • Double-leg strap and shroud feature mounting holes for additional accessories
  • SafariSuede liner is ultra-soft to protect the finish of your firearm
  • Available in multiple colors with optional left- or right-handed orientation

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Safariland SLS Beretta 92 Holster With Quick Release Leg Harness:

Safariland recognizes the importance of combat readiness, evidenced by the powerful mechanics of the full-featured Model 6005. Your Beretta 92 delivers consistent, reliable performance—make sure its holster is similarly capable in order to achieve the greatest success in the field.

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