Rothco T-Shirt (Foliage Green) 6370

$11.99 - $13.99

Product Description

Rothco Foliage Green T-Shirt

Your base layer is the most important piece in keeping you comfortable and dry. The Rothco Foliage Green T-Shirt fits comfortably under any training gear. You will never even know that it’s there as it protects you against other irritating items. On its own, it provides a comfortable daily shirt. The shirt is versatile and can be worn during any drill or exercise as it easily moves with your body. The 100% cotton fabric easily breathes wicking away sweat as you work. The fabric is easily washable and dirt and stains can be easily removed, and the shirt holds up wash after wash.

It can withstand any condition you throw at it. Additionally, the comfort of the shirt can adapt to your lifestyle off the battle or training field, and it will quickly become your favorite off-duty selection.  This shirt offers perfect simplicity and comfort for any situation, from the battlefield to your son’s soccer game, to home projects. The simple green collar is subtle and can be worn with anything. The tags are specifically designed for comfort and will not scratch or irritate.

Benefits of the Rothco T-Shirt:

  • Structured Collar
  • 100% Cotton
  • Taped Neck

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Foliage Green T-Shirt:

Select the versatile shirt that is perfect for all facets of your life. Take the first step to staying comfortable on and off duty, and order your Foliage Green t-shirt now.

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