Rothco Super Whistle with Compass (OD)

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Product Description

Rothco OD Super Whistle with Compass

If you were ever a Girl Scout or a Boy Scout—and even if you weren’t—you know the importance of having the right equipment with you when you’re out in the woods or in a wilderness area. For security and peace of mind when you’re in remote locations, a Rothco OD Super Whistle with Compass is the right choice. Nothing is more important that finding your way or pinpointing where you are when you’re out in the field on a military mission or back country hiking recreationally. Having the ability to make a loud noise via a whistle is also equally important for everything from keeping wild animals at bay to notifying another nearby party that you need help or are in distress. A Rothco super whistle combines both of these functions into one incredibly efficient package.

Benefits of the Rothco Super Whistle with Compass:

  • High-resolution whistle with a compass built into the eye
  • Features an accurate thermometer to determine temperature
  • Lanyard included for convenient carrying around your neck
  • Manufactured by Rothco, an expert in military and survival gear
  • Incredibly lightweight for unencumbered movement
  • Official U.S. military-approved product
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the OD Super Whistle with Compass:

A Rothco super whistle truly is super—it gives you all the safety and survival features you need in one easy-to-carry package. Don’t set out without it—order your whistle and compass combo today!

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