Rothco Plastic Match Box (OD)

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Product Description

Rothco OD Plastic Match Box

Never be unprepared again. Rothco, a leader in survival gear, presents the Rothco OD Plastic Match Box. When going into the wilderness, it is always wise to have matches with you. An emergency situation is made substantially less dangerous when you are prepared. There are few supplies more important than a reliable source of fire, so order now.

The sleek and minimal design is perfect for keeping a pack of matches with you, no matter how light you are trying to travel. The box is made of strong and durable hard plastic in the color Olive Drab. Plus, the container is entirely waterproof, so you do not have to worry about staying dry. The screw on and off top makes sure of that. The match box is equipped with a striking surface attached right to the bottom, which means you will never have to look far for a surface on which to light a match. Additionally, it includes a very attractive blister card. To be as safe as possible when camping or hunting, be sure to carry a waterproof box of matches with you at all times.

Benefits of the Rothco Match Box:

  • Waterproof
  • Attached Striking Surface
  • Screw off Top
  • Attractive Blister Card

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the OD Plastic Match Box:

Always prepare for the worst. Order your Rothco Match Box today and never worry about being caught by surprise in the wilderness again.

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