Rothco Paracord Keychain (OD/Black)

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Product Description

Rothco Paracord Keychain (OD/Black)

To both the trained outdoorsman or local enthusiast, strong cordage is one of the most important tools in a survival situation. Always have access to life-saving rope with the Rothco Paracord Keychain (OD/Black). It’s primary function remains as a keychain, keeping a small form at 9cm and using braided paracord to link a latching hook to a conventional keyring.

In an emergency or survival situation, the keychain can be unraveled to provide 1.4 meters of durable, polyester paracord. The uses of paracord are limited only by your ingenuity and experience, which include securing shelter, constructing traps, or to replace bootlaces that are keeping your feet protected.

Benefits of the Rothco Aluminum Canteen Cup Stove and Stand:

  • Constructed with black and olive drab paracord
  • 9cm keychain while braided, containing a zinc alloy latching hook and a traditional keyring
  • Unravel to access 1.4m of classic 550 paracord material for use in any number of survival situations

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