Rothco P38 GI Can Opener


Product Description

Rothco P38 GI Can Opener

While often overlooked, the Rothco P38 GI can opener is actually one of the most important tools to keep around in any advanced gear setup. Introduced in 1942 and distributed in military K-rations, the P-38 soon became a standard piece of equipment for all military personnel. It is designed with a simple folding mechanism for safe storage while traveling, but otherwise its simplicity of design serves to mask its rugged manufacture. Over time, the role of the P38 GI can opener has also been used with C-rations for many years, making it the standard for managing access to all kinds of standard-issue foodstuffs. Today, the P38 from Rothco can be used to open a variety of camp- and trail-designed foodstuffs, and is often featured as a key component of disaster preparation kits, road bags, and other emergency preparedness gear, in addition to its continuing to serve as a mainstay in the military’s gear lineup.

Benefits of the Rothco P38 Opener:

  • Two-piece stainless steel manufacture
  • Easily folds for safe travel in a pocket or among other pieces of gear
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Sharpens with standard tools and procedures

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the P38 Can Opener:

With its inexpensive price point and ability to be repurposed for all sorts of sharp implement applications, the P-38 can be the most important piece of equipment in your bag… if you know how to use it. Order a couple to see for yourself.

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