Rothco Wool Rescue Survival Blanket (Grey) 10429

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Product Description

Rothco Grey Wool Rescue Survival Blanket

The Rothco Rescue Survival Blanket,fabricated with a wool/synthetic blend, will keep you warm in any cold-weather emergency situation. Naturally fire retardant, this tightly woven blanket also provides the additional benefit of retaining body heat. Wool is water resistant to a degree, giving you time to get out of the weather, and it dries very quickly.

Slightly bulky for keeping in your pack, this Rothco Survival blanket works well when rolled and secured to the outside of your hiking gear. This rescue blanket also works great as a protective ground liner for your sleeping bag.

Benefits of the Rothco Grey Wool Rescue Survival Blanket:

  • 55% Wool/45% Synthetic Fibers
  • Naturally fire retardant properties add to the reliability of the blanket
  • Red reinforced stitch binding keeps blanket shape while protecting against rips
  • Low heat release prevents loss of body heat

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Rothco Grey Wool Rescue Survival Blanket:

This blanket is dry clean only.

Standard Measurements for the Rothco Grey Wool Rescue Survival Blanket:

60” x 80”

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