Rothco Gore-Tex PT Watch Cap (Black)

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Product Description

Rothco Black Gore-Tex PT Watch Cap

The Black Gore-Tex PT Watch Cap from Rothco is designed to keep you warm and dry. Great for use as a stand-alone cap this watch cap can also be used as an added layer of protection under hoods and some helmets.

Manufacture with Gore-Tex this cap is waterproof, breathable and wicks perspiration away from your skin. Knit material is extremely flexible and will fit all sizes, simply adjust the cuff to your comfort. This cap can be easily stored in a pocket or tactical pack. Order your Rothco Black Gore-Tex PT Watch Cap today!

Benefits of the Rothco Gore-Tex PT Watch Cap:

  • Manufactured with Gore-Tex gives protection from water and allows air circulation
  • Double layered design keeps water from penetrating and wicks moisture from scalp
  • Enormously warm this cap is great for extreme weather usage
  • Government issued and made in the U.S.A.

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Rothco Gore-Tex Watch Cap:

Watch cap fits snug to head, however, knit material is flexible and breathable.

Standard Measurements for Rothco Black Gore-Tex Watch Cap:

One size fits all.

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