Rothco GI Issue Mess Kit

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Product Description

Rothco GI Issue Mess Kit

Next to your clothing, having the right equipment when you’re on an overnight or daylong tactical mission or a backpack trip can really make or break your experience. When it comes to an efficient and effective mess kit that enables you to cook on the fly, go with a Rothco GI Issue Mess Kit. Manufactured by Rothco, a leading wholesale distributor of Army and Navy supplies and tactical and survival gear, the GI issue mess kit features a two-piece design that consists of a cooking pot with a handle and a compartmentalized lid that doubles as an eating dish or plate. The mess kit is made out of aluminum and is incredibly lightweight, which means your pack won’t be weighed down when you’re on the go. Simply invert the lid, snap it into place and fold over the handle of the pot for convenient storage.

Benefits of the Rothco Mess Kit:

  • Easy to clean with a towel, sponge or cloth
  • Incredibly compact design to maximize space in your pack
  • Holds up to high heat from coal, wood and butane fires
  • U.S. military approved for use when you’re on duty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the GI Issue Mess Kit:

Whether you’re using it for work or for pleasure, make a Rothco mess kit an essential element of your pack when you’re out in the field. Don’t delay—order your mess kit today.

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