Rothco D Carabiner (Silver) 377


Product Description

Rothco D Carabiner

The carabiner has a long and interesting history. Originally inspired by firemen in Munich, it was adapted to be used as an aid to climbers and the variety of applications it is used for have since taken off. Although plenty of simple carabiners exist, they're toys compared to this. The Rothco D Carabiner is among the sturdiest for its size. The "D" shape means that most of the load is transferred to the spine, the toughest part of the carabiner, giving you the strength you count on for any application. The high strength aluminum alloy makes it lightweight yet durable. Easy spring latch allows you one-handed use, a must in many a situation.

While they've traditionally been used for climbing, users have come up with dozens of creative applications. Camping, sailing, construction work, any sport or activity you can imagine probably could benefit from the use of a carabiner. The 4 1/4" size makes it plenty big and it's tested to 5500 pounds.

Benefits of the Rothco Carabiner:

  • D-shape gives you greater strength than the standard oval shape
  • Silver finish
  • Non-locking, sprung swinging gate
  • Load test to 5500 pounds
  • Certified safe by the GSA

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the D Carabiner:

Whether you are using it for recreation or for industrial applications, you can count on the hard-wearing D Carabiner. Order a few today to have ready for any situation in which a carabiner is necessary.

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