Rothco All Weather Emergency Poncho

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Product Description

Rothco All Weather Emergency Poncho

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s always important to remain prepared. Designed for unpredictable bouts of precipitation, the Rothco All Weather Emergency Poncho provides you with a capable back-up plan that is easy to store and carry in a gear pack or emergency-response kit. Keep one handy for preparedness in any setting.

Rothco offers a range of colors for your choice of high or low visibility to suit your application. With a generous 50 by 80-inch size, the Rothco Emergency Poncho is suitable for any wearer. It features a built-in hood to keep the rain off your head, heavy-duty construction to stand up to wind and harsh elements, and can be reused to create a product of outstanding value.

Benefits of the Rothco Emergency Poncho:

  • Features 50” x 80” size (or approximately 127 x 203 cm)
  • Integrated hood provides maximum coverage to keep your head dry
  • Poncho is reusable for exceptional value and environmental friendliness
  • Delivers all-weather protection with a minimal profile
  • Available in several colors for your choice of visibility level

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Rothco All Weather Poncho:

Made for days when the forecast changes swiftly and without warning, the Rothco All Weather Poncho is always at the ready. Keep one in your vehicle, bug-out bag, emergency kit, and always keep a few handy when you’re stationed outdoors so you can react to changing conditions.

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