Rothco 550 lb Paracord Nylon 300 Ft Tube - (Black)

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Rothco 550LB Paracord Nylon 300FT Tube - Black

One of the most versatile tools in your pack is the Rothco 550LB Paracord Nylon. Lightweight and extremely versatile, this 300’ tube of cord is a must have item to keep in your pack.

Keeping a few feet on you can provide you with enough material to fashion multiple useful survival items should you ever be caught out in the field. The woven exterior alone has been given a tensile rating of 300lbs, while the 7 interior strands have been rated at 35lbs each.

With an average weight of 3 to 4 ounces per 50 feet of cord, you will not notice the extra weight in your pack, and the benefits of having it in emergency will be more than worth it.  

Benefits of the Rothco 550LB Paracord Nylon (300’):

  • 100% Nylon construction provides strength and reliability
  • Woven exterior gives a flexible yet strong protective covering for interior strands           
  • Quick drying and mildew resistant
  • Rated with a total tensile strength of 550lbs
  • Manufactured by certified contractors of the US Government
  • Made in the USA

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Rothco 550LB Paracord Nylon 300FT Tube:

Other names for the Paracord are MIL-C5040 Type 3 and kernmantle rope.

Standard Measurements for the Rothco 550LB Paracord Nylon 300FT Tube:

5/32” in diameter by 300’ in length

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