Rothco 12 Blub LED Flashlight (Black) 885

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Product Description

Rothco 12 Bulb LED Flashlight

When environmental light is low or absent, a trusty flashlight can be your best friend. Built to deliver an affordable and capable handheld implement, the Rothco 12 Bulb Led Flashlight delivers bright, reliable illumination that will help you get your bearings in any setting. Keep one handy around the house, in the car, or as part of an emergency-readiness kit.

This LED flashlight by Rothco features 12 individual bulbs for powerful lighting capability. It is powered by three AAA-cell batteries and features black aluminum housing for durability you can count on. Made for easy, straight-forward operation, this flashlight features a standard on-off switch and also includes an integrated wrist strap, eliminating the chance of accidental drops that might leave you in the dark.

Benefits of the Rothco LED Flashlight:

  • Aluminum body is both lightweight and durable for trusted performance
  • Bright illumination provided by 12 individual LED bulbs
  • Flashlight is powered by (3) AAA batteries, sold separately
  • Integral wrist strap ensures a secure hold so you can proceed with confidence
  • Available in black

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 12 Bulb LED Flashlight:

There‘s nothing worse than finding that you are without a capable back-up when the lights go out. The Rothco LED Flashlight delivers reliable performance with a compact, durable body that is ideal for grab-and-go bags, roadside emergency kits, and everyday use around the house.

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