Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black)

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Product Description

Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black)

The Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black) is one of the best-selling police boots on the market and there’s a reason why. They’re a tough, high performance, high tech boot built specifically for police officers: heavy-duty and durable, constructed of full-grain leather and rugged 1000 Denier nylon, one of the toughest man-made fabrics in the world today.

Even the most extreme working conditions are no match for these highly functional, shock-absorbing, cushioning duty boots.

You can operate worry-free knowing that every part of these boots has been engineered with safety, comfort, performance and support in mind. The high-tech Airport Footbed provides unbelievable shock absorption and ergonomic support with each step.

Benefits of the Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black):

  • All natural leather and nylon fabric uppers, including inside panels and tongue, are lightweight and breathable
  • 1000 Denier nylon is heavy-duty durable, made to outlast the roughest conditions
  • Light in weight yet strong to hold up in varying, unpredictable working conditions
  • Feet stay dry and comfortable thanks to Rocky’s waterproof construction; special barriers are guaranteed to repel water keeping feet dry and comfortable
  • State-of-the-art Airport Footbed is designed to respond to whatever terrain you’re on.
  • Inserts boast polyurethane material that absorbs shock yet springs back to its original shape
  • Heel and metatarsal ridges are given targeted protection on the footbed allowing for natural comfort and protection
  • Stabilizers are non-metallic
  • RigiTrac outsole protects you from slipping on slick surfaces such as oil


Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black):


For long shifts on your feet, or traversing unpredictable and changing terrain, the Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots 6in (Black) have you covered.

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