RM Products 6 Inch Multi-Guage Ruler


Product Description

RM Products 6 Inch Multi-Guage Ruler

The RM Products 6 Inch Multi-Guage Ruler is a handy tool to use for the precise placement of uniform adornments, including ribbons, badges and patches. The ruler includes a centering, vertical and horizontal scale for ease of use while working with your uniform. Included on the ruler is a handy placement gauge as well. Ensure that your uniform matches military specifications with this ruler.

Benefits of the RM Products 6 Inch Ruler:

  • Easily identifies precise placement for uniform adornments
  • Centering, vertical and horizontal scale
  • Placement gauge for uniform accessories

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the 6 Inch Multi-Guage Ruler:

This high quality ruler will last throughout extended use. Order today!

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