Rite in the Rain

From active outdoor enthusiasts to military operators stationed in the field, there exists a distinct need for recording data in sub-optimal weather conditions. Falling rain and heavy moisture often make it very difficult to utilize tech devices and nearly impossible to write on regular paper—but Rite in the Rain notebooks from the Rite in the Rain company are not produced with any kind of regular paper.

Since 1916, Rite in the Rain notebooks have provided outdoor professionals and hobbyists with an effective means of recording data, observations, or anything that comes out when the inspiration strikes. Their products are designed with the greatest environmental concern, utilizing post-consumer materials and offering recyclability to continue the process of resource economization. They even produce specialty writing instruments which, when combined with Rite in the Rain notebooks, allow users to write even when paper is fully submerged.

Whether you’re an officer in the Army or a journalist working in volatile conditions, you understand the difficulty of writing when the weather’s harsh. Standard writing stock warps and tears when wet, and even if the paper survives water contact, the ink usually isn’t so fortunate. Don’t risk losing valuable notes or information due to excess moisture—Rite in the Rain notebooks are made to shed water instead of absorbing it, giving you a perfect surface and reliable assurance that your writing will remain on the page even in a downpour.