Rite in the Rain 4 X 6 All Weather Notebook

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Product Description

Rite in the Rain 4 X 6 All Weather Notebook

Delivering unparalleled weather resilience, the Rite in the Rain 4 X 6 All Weather Notebook provides waterproof capability to keep important details well protected against the elements. Lightweight and compact, this amazing innovation is small enough to keep in your shirt or jacket pocket for easy access anytime. This notebook by Rite in the Rain features a universal pattern on each of its 100 writeable pages, making it easy to create scaled drawings or record plain text info. Unique water-resistant technology allows you to mark this notebook with any conventional pen or pencil even while pages are wet. With a no. 2 pencil or an all-weather pen, you can even write while paper is submerged, making for powerful field-ready capability.

Benefits of the Rite in the Rain All Weather Notebook:

  • 4” x 6” size fits easily in any pocket
  • Overall weight just 3.2 ounces
  • 100 universal patterned pages (50 two-sided sheets) included
  • Mark with any standard writing implement, even in the rain
  • Rugged polydura cover adds resilience
  • Top-bound spiral notebook for easy page access
  • For best results, combine with All-Weather Pens by Rite in the Rain

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Rite in the Rain 4 X 6 Notebook:

Don’t let the weather dictate your capabilities. With Rite in the Rain technology, you’re always ready to record the vital details, no matter the forecast.

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