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Men and women who serve their country often put their feet at risk with long hours of activity. Support and protection for your feet and ankles are critical for your overall health. Reebok stocks shoes and boots constructed from state-of-the-art designs and materials that are durable and comfortable, defending your feet from harm in a variety of conditions. Whether you are a soldier, a letter carrier or a police officer, our shoes and boots meet the demands placed on your feet.

Cushioning, shock absorbers and blister prevention are especially important when you’re on your feet for hours at a timeOutsoles are crafted to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, while inside, superior construction prevents moisture build-up. Athletic shoes, mid-height, hi top and boot styles provide the level of support your job requires.

Police officers and military personnel require shoes or boots that allow freedom of movements such as running and jumping without compromising safety. Outer materials are chemical and abrasion resistant to create a barrier that protects your feet. Reebok shoes and boots allow you to serve your country without foot pain.

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