When you need to keep documents and other valuable items close on hand during training, missions or anything in between, Raine tactical gear is the gear to trust. Whether you’re carrying identification, maps or briefing materials, Raine gear provides a reliably secure and comfortable solution. This gear combines convenient designs with strong construction for easy use and long-term performance in any setting.

We carry a wide variety of Raine tactical gear, including necklace and armband ID holders, map cases, briefing portfolios, holsters and rigger belts, to keep you covered in any situation. All of these products are made with highly durable and reliable materials, such as nylon and vinyl.

We carry a number of tactical gear items that feature internal zipper or Velcro pockets and other organizing compartments. You can use these spaces to store and separate money, pens, protractors, cards and any other items that you need on the go. These features make it easy to keep track of essentials while ensuring that your gear is compact enough to carry comfortably in any setting. With this ease of use and reliable overall performance, Raine tactical gear makes a smart investment for virtually any service member.