Raine Leader Book Cover (ACU)

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Product Description

Raine ACU Leader Book Cover

The Raine ACU Leader Book Cover is an excellent way to keep your leader book safe. With important information such as soldier personal data, procedure checklists, contact information, and training records, the standard green leader notebook is absolutely essential for junior officers and NCOs to have. It’s incredibly important to have this book easily accessible when it’s necessary and carefully protected when it’s not, so that it will always be available when you need it. This book cover fits the notebook snugly and securely in its internal pocket sleeve, made of heavy duty nylon that will keep the book safe even under rough conditions out in the field. It’s hook and loop closure is easy to operate and keeps the cover securely closed. The cover also includes a convenient pen holder and internal pocket, providing convenient storage space for markers, pencils, ID cards, important papers, and other necessary items. The camouflage pattern matches with the official Army Combat Uniform, and space is provided to attach name and rank for easy identification of ownership.

Benefits of the Raine Leader Book Cover:

  • ACU camouflage pattern
  • Heavy duty nylon
  • Extra storage pockets
  • Proudly manufactured in the United States

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Raine ACU Book Cover:

Manufactured by Raine, a top provider of tactical equipment, this book cover can help keep you organized and prepared while on the move. Order your own leader book cover today and experience the security for yourself.

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