QALO Women's Strata Silicone Ring

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Product Description

QALO Women’s Strata Silicone Ring

Featuring two layers of contrasting silicone and an engraved pattern all throughout, the Qalo Women's Strata silicone ring takes shape in a dynamic, two-tone design. The Strata silicone ring features two different colors of Comfort Fit silicone layered atop one another, which is designed to slide on and off easier all while maintaining a breathable fit. Laser engraved patterns take shape in a variety of textures to create a ring that fits your style!

Benefits of the QALO Women’s Strata Silicone Ring:

  • Material: Comfort Fit Silicone
  • Dimensions: Men’s 9mm wide, 2mm thick Women’s 6mm wide, 2mm thick
  • Tensile Strength: Men's 32.7 Pounds of force to break
  • Non-Conductive
  • Non- Porous

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