Punisher Ememies Morale Patch

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Product Description

Punisher Enemies Morale Patch

The Punisher Enemies Morale Patch is used widely by military personnel and tactical officers to let their enemies know that they should not be reckoned with. It features the phrase, “God Will Judge Our Enemies. We’ll Arrange The Meeting.” Additionally, it has the insignia used by the Marvel anti-hero, The Punisher. Even if you are moving in the dark, the eyes will glow in the dark. This means that no matter where you are, people will see the eyes and cower in fear.

There are numerous uses for the Punisher Enemies Morale Patch. It is simply a lot of fun to wear around, but it can also help you identify friendly personnel within your unit if you are all wearing the Punisher patch. You can attach this badge on your sleeve, hat or backpack with the help of the hook panel on the back. For durability, it is constructed out of high-quality PVC.

Benefits of the Punisher Enemies Morale Patch:

  • 2” in width
  • Attaches to any loop surface
  • Brilliantly vibrant design

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Punisher Enemies Morale Patch:

The Punisher is one of the toughest people in the Marvel universe, so if you want to let everyone know you are just as tough, order your patch today.

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