Propper Tactical Boonie Hat

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Product Description

Propper Tactical Boonie Hat

Looking to keep you face and neck protected from the sun in a style that matches your other tactical gear? The Propper Tactical Boonie Hat comes in a variety of sizes and colors to accommodate your needs. Your new tactical hat can fit into just about any uniform. A combination of cotton and polyester gives the hat its flexible, breathable feel, while the adjustable chin strap allows you to tighten and secure the hat for demanding conditions such as high winds.

Benefits of the Propper Tactical Boonie Hat:

  • A durable water repellant finish keeps your head dry in even heavy rain conditions
  • The latest technology allows for an entirely comfortable and breathable feel
  • Specially placed ventilation holes allow moisture and heat to escape naturally
  • Equipped with an interior map pocket that can be used to store whatever you need

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Propper Tactical Boonie Hat:

The Propper Tactical Boonie Hat is truly a top of the line product when it comes to tactical headgear. Order it today for your next trip.

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