Propper Sheriff Reflective Drop Panels

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Product Description

Propper Sheriff Reflective Drop Panels

When it comes to adorning your jacket with the proper identification tags, you cannot get much better than Propper Sheriff Reflective Drop Panels. These panels come in a set of three, with one designed to go on the back and two to go on the front. All the reflective drop panels in this set feature the word “SHERIFF” over a black background. Each panel goes on a different part of the uniform. The single panel that goes on the back is much larger than the two panels going on the front, but they are all used to identify the function you serve to your fellow officers and any civilians in the surrounding area. Since 1967, Propper has been a leading manufacturer in tactical and military gear. Whether it is clothing or equipment you need, Propper designs the best. These products are so good that they are used by a number of safety organizations and military operations. From the moment the idea is thought up right up to the development stage, items such as the sheriff drop panels are designed to be as durable and authentic as possible.

Benefits of the Propper Sheriff Reflective Drop Panels:

  • Sewn directly onto the blank panels for the Propper Defender Delta Jacket
  • Comes in a set of three
  • One larger panel for the back
  • Two smaller panels for the front

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Propper Sheriff Reflective Drop Panels:

Your uniform can be ornamented with these distinctive drop panels, so order yours today!

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